Mental Health

Your mental health is intrinsically linked to your physical health and those who can maintain good mental health have been shown to live longer and happier lives. There are many ways to understand and improve your mental health.

A guide to your mental health


Why do we experience stress?

Stress is a natural and essential part of our existence, it occurs when we encounter something we are fearful of. Our body increases its cortisol to allow us to better respond with a ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ response. However when we do not turn the stress off it can cause a chronic condition. Read more about why we experience stress.


What is the impact of chronic stress and depression

Chronic stress will increase inflammation in the body which in turn cause diseases and reduce our life span. Depression can reduce our immune capability, making us more susceptible to illness and also limit our sociability.
Read more about the impact of poor mental health.


How can we reduce inflammation caused by stress response?

By controlling what we eat, how active we are and maintaining a healthy body weight will all help reduce the negative impact of inflammation. Find out more about how to reduce inflammation.


Habits which will help lower your stress response

To lower your stress response you can regularly practice a number of habits which have been proven to improve your bodies reaction to stress. Read about 10 stress reduction habits.

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Jargon buster

Intrinsic motivation

When you are motivated to do something for reasons personal to you rather than external validation.

Toxic positivity

Is when people are shamed or discouraged from having negative thoughts, rather than acknowledging the thoughts and dealing with them.

Fixed Mindset

This is the type of mindset that believes that how good you are at something is predetermined by your intelligence and therefore can not bbe improved with more effort.

Growth Mindset

This is the type of mindset where you believe hard work will change an outcome and is not based on your natural abilities.


Is when you suffering from a disease or medical condition


We need inflammation to heal our bodies but chronic inflammation can lead to premature ageing and disease.

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