About Us

Man looking to the future

Futureproof My Life was created to encourage people to be proactive about planning for their later life. With busy lives it is easy to get overwhelmed and put off key decisions, difficult conversations and the practical steps needed to ensure you have the most fulfilled later life and if the worst happend your loved ones are looked after.

Why is this important now?

As a nation we are living longer this has meant that;

  • You want to maintain our physical and mental health with less illness and more independence (currently lifespan is increasing much faster than health span)
  • You need more money to sustain our lifestyle
    (pension ages are increasing, cost of living is increasing above state pension, final salary pensions less common or generous)
  • The pension gap is increasing the retirement age therefore greater importance on your work being meaningful. enjoyable and suitable for later life.
  • Even if you do not need to work there are added years to fill; how do we fill these with meaning
  • Living a meaningful and/or purpose driven life correlates to having a longer life and health span.

Conversely there are always exceptions to the rule, and that means not all will live a long and healthy life.

  • If you have dependents and assets you need to ensure you have thought about securing your loved ones futures without you.
  • Covid showed the unpredictability of our mortality.
  • With more midlife and death planning services being digital it is quicker and easier than ever before to be prepared and have peace of mind. 

How will Futureproof My Life help:

  1. Assess how prepared you are; reassure & advise you on what you can improve and how you can do this.
  2. Remove overwhelm and fear by prioritising what is key based on your circumstances.
  3. Combining information and resources that are currently disparate, siloed and offline and creating easy to follow plans resulting in peace of mind.