As the world becomes more technology driven our ability to keep up with and use new technology is vital. As you get older you need do this proactively by continuous learning using new digital platforms and challenging yourself in order to keep pace with the fast moving digital world.

How to keep up with technology


Why is keeping up with technology important

By keeping in touch with the latest technology, not only will it help you in the future keep your independence it may also be crucial in terms of future job prospects, accessing healthcare, communicating with family and friends and saving you money. More ways in which technology will help you as you get older.


Ways to keep up with technology

The key to understanding technology and being able to do new things with it, comes from the old adage; use it or lose it. If you start to shy away from digital communications and rely on others to set things up or do on your behalf everything will become harder. Ways to keep current on technology.


Set up a digital store

If you have any assets, social media and accounts would someone know where to find them. By keeping a digital store of these items and regularly updating them your loved ones can access these when you are not able or if you die.
More about a digital store

Digital store

View an example of a digital store which details out your assets, bills and social media wishes.

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Digital store

A secure place to store key documents and information if you are ill or pass away. Access to the store will be given to your executors or power of attorneys.

Machine learning

Is a subset of 'artifical intelligence'; computer systems that are able to learn and adapt without human instruction.

Artificial intelligence

The ability of a digital computer that is able to perform tasks that are more commonly associated with human thought. It presumes some element of self-learning once it has more information.


The opposite of digital, it refers to physical things eg a vinyl record or a clock with hands.


Amazon device that responds through speech.

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