Types of mindset and why you should care about them?

August 14, 2022
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Many studies have looked at how our mindset impacts our health and also our ability to learn new things.  The impact of a positive and growth mindset can increase our longevity and affects how impactful exercise is, how harmful stress is and even our bodies response to the calories we eat. It will also prepare us for challenges and changes that might occur as we age. 

What types of mindset are there?
Positive and negative mindsets - Placebo effect

One of the most common references when we speak about mindset is the perception of positive or negative mindset, often represented with the cliche of whether we say a glass of water is half a glass full or half empty.  

The type of positive mindset that has been shown to be beneficial is similar to the placebo effect. Used in medicine the placebo effect just means if you think something is effective it will be. A number of studies have shown that your perception of the effectiveness of exercise impacts the physical improvement you make. It has also been shown in stress studies where if you perceive stress as not damaging or threatening it will not have a detrimental effect. 

This does not mean you should not look at your own behaviours and actions and change them where necessary, but demonstrates how mind and body are intrinsically linked, something that  the western world is catching up with the eastern philosophies which have always believed.

Growth and Fixed Mindset

A growth mindset is one that believes that with hard work and practice you can improve. With a growth mindset people do not feel defeated if they don’t first succeed as they believe they will with practice and hard work. This mindset aids growth, learning and allows them to be able to fail. 

A fixed mindset believes our intelligence and our ability to grow is predetermined and no amount of hard work or practice will change that. In this instance people tend to want to do easier tasks or ones they know they’ll do well in as that reinforces their abilities.


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