Your mindset; the way you typically think about things can either help or hinder your ability to adapt as you get older. There are a number of different classifications of mindset and it is possible to change your mindset to benefit you as you age.

Understanding your mindset


Understanding different mindsets

Through research studies, there are a number of different mindsets that have been identified; positive and negative mindsets and less well known are fixed and growth mindsets. Find out more about types of mindsets


What is the impact of your mindset

Numerous studies have shown that even as a child developing a growth mindset will help in the pursuit of learning new things and makes us more adaptable. It has also been shown that having a positive attitude to ageing will also improve your physical and mental health as you get older. Read more about the types of mindset


How to change your mindset

If you recognise that your mindset is not helping you, there are ways to adapt it. Firstly recognise the type of mindset you generally have and adapt how you think and talk about challenges or goals. Small changes like reflecting on your successes and practicing gratitude can contribute to a more positive mindset. Tips on changing your mindset.

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Longitudinal studies

These are studies done over a long period of tim usually over 10 years, and give a better indication on health and longevity benefits.


The study of how changes in environment and activities can change how genes work, that do not involve alterations in the DNA sequence.

Intrinsic motivation

When you are motivated to do something for reasons personal to you rather than external validation.

Toxic positivity

Is when people are shamed or discouraged from having negative thoughts, rather than acknowledging the thoughts and dealing with them.

Fixed Mindset

This is the type of mindset that believes that how good you are at something is predetermined by your intelligence and therefore can not bbe improved with more effort.

Growth Mindset

This is the type of mindset where you believe hard work will change an outcome and is not based on your natural abilities.

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