Work and interests

What you do with your time may change as you get older, needing you to adapt depending on your budget and lifestyle. Starting to do this planning in midlife will allow you to make the choice on what and how much paid work or hobbies you want to do.

Guide to work in later life


Why consider your work options now

Once you have calculated when you can retire, you may decide you want to work longer so that you can have more in retirement. If you want to change what you do as you age you may need to retrain and if you continue to work you may want adjust your life/work balance. More reasons to consider your work options.


Impact of having work and interests as you age

Studies have shown that in the most part having strong interests and or continuing working has a benefit to your physical, mental health and also contributes to an active social life, which also has numerous health benefits.
Impact on work and interests on your health


What are your work options as you age

If you want to continue working, you may want to change what you do, where you work or the hours you work. Going through this process now will help you prepare better to get the result and the lifestyle you want in mid and later life.

Deciding how and what you will do


What to do instead of work

If you have plans to stop working there is still a need to plan your time. Although relaxing you may miss the social aspect and the sense of achievement you felt at work and want to fill those hours with something that contributes to your purpose to ensure you are still fulfilled. What can give you purpose outside of work.

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Portfolio career

A career where you have multiple incomes from different types of businesses.


This a state of being where you start to lose track of time, but are still challenged. It was coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly.


Participating in activities that will benefit younger generations as a way of ensuring the long-term survival of the species.

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