Purpose & Meaning

A life full of purpose and meaning has been shown to contribute greatly to your overall happiness. For some people they do not have to find purpose it is inherently there in their lives, for others it may be a life long pursuit. There are many ways to discover your purpose which may change throughout your life as your priorities do. Follow our guide to see how purpose fits into your way of life.

Finding meaning and purpose in your life.


Why is purpose and meaning important in your life?

It can increase your overall happiness and fulfilment. When life is challenging it gives you a reason to continue and something to strive for. Read more about the importance of purpose in your life


Where can you find purpose and meaning

There are many areas you can find purpose and these may change as you progress through different life stages. The more obvious ones are through work, family and friendships. However other areas that can bring you meaning are through creative pursuits or through physical challenges. Read more about the areas which could bring you more meaning in life.


How to find your purpose

How to find purpose goes hand in hand with what area you will find purpose in, not everyone will find purpose through their work. You may be satisfied that you get paid to do a job you don't find huge meaning in, but it allows you to pursue other areas of your life. View some exercises which can help you find meaning and purpose.

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Jargon buster

Portfolio career

A career where you have multiple incomes from different types of businesses.


This a state of being where you start to lose track of time, but are still challenged. It was coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly.


Participating in activities that will benefit younger generations as a way of ensuring the long-term survival of the species.

Intrinsic motivation

When you are motivated to do something for reasons personal to you rather than external validation.

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