Ways to increase your social connections

June 4, 2024
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There are a number of factors you can not control, like how big your family is and where they live, but some things you can do which help you continue to make new friends, feel connected with people and be part of the community. 

Keep up with technology
Seeing people face to face has shown to be the best form of interaction, however as was seen during covid it is not always possible. Understanding technology and keeping up to date with it will allow you to take advantage of contact through many methods; online gaming, webinars, podcasts as well as a communication tool with friends and family. For more tips read our technology section

Caring for a Pet 
There is evidence (more conclusively for women) that having a pet, even a robotic pet can improve people’s feelings of loneliness.

Having a wide range of interests
Having interests and activities whether that is hobbies, sport or volunteering can help you meet people, but also give you shared interests to talk about even if they are lone pursuits.

Being accessible
Deciding where you live is vitally important to how social you will end up being when you get older. Being very rural may suit you now, but will that always be suitable? Will it deter friends and family from visiting.

Discuss plans with friends and family
Planning where we live and what we do is complex and everyone has different motivations, but knowing what peoples plans are will help inform your own and vice versa. Be careful of relying on only one family member or friend, it will put a lot of pressure on them and limits your options if you want to move or they do. Read more on considerations of where to move to.


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