Where can you find your purpose

June 4, 2024
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There is no one place to find meaning in your life, and for many it will be found in a combination of areas. The 2 areas we spend most of our time are work and relationships and these are where many people find their meaning. From finding work that helps others or has a mission in the world to bringing up your children or caring for parents. However supplementing these key areas with more everyday engaging activities such as reading, creating and learning will can also contribute to fulfilment in life and structure your day.

How are values and purpose related?

Purpose and your values are intrinsically linked as your values determine what you do every day. Those people who value their health will eat healthier and exercise this in turn gives them meaning in their lives. Our values are not aspirational but what we act on. If we start to act against our values, or values that we no longer identify with then we will start to feel life no longer has meaning. Therefore by understanding what you value you will find it easier to know what pursuits and activities will give you purpose. 

“Our values are constantly reflected in the way we choose to behave.“

Reference: Mark Manson

On the quest for purpose?

There are many self-help books whose aim is to help you in this search. Many of these are work related, these techniques are covered in the work section. However there may be other areas beyond this which are not paid for work, but will help you find your purpose. 

Ask yourself the following questions to spark your thoughts on this:
Examples of where people find meaning?
  1. Work - many of us obtain meaning from our work and the financial stability it affords us
  2. Volunteering  - whether having a formal position or by lending a hand with the local community.  
  3. Creating - this does not need to be artistic, but could be writing memoirs, cooking, or gardening. 
  4. Caring - many of us will need to look after older relatives as they age and your own children and grandchildren. 
  5. Religion/spirituality - Believing there is something bigger than ourselves can give people great meaning. 
  6. Being Active - Exercise, dancing, Yoga, Walking, pilates. 


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