What impacts your social network

June 4, 2024
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What life events impact our social circle?

Everyone encounters life events which  can change our perspective, our environment or our capacity to see friends and family. Some of the events listed below could be triggers that impact our social network. Some of these are inevitable and therefore easier to plan for, others may take us by surprise, however acknowledging these events we can plan better, making you more resilient and better at adapting when they occur.

Transitioning from one stage of life to another often means a shift in identity, which challenges our sense of self.  
How to control your social situation?

We move areas for many different reasons; jobs, care responsibilities, better schools, better lifestyle, downsizing. If we take into account potential aspects such as how connected the community is, transport links and local activities we can better prepare ourselves for changes in the future that may impact our social life. (link to article)

How we perceive our life and our decisions can impact our ability to be social and resilient when a life change happens and we need to rethink our social circle. View Mindset articles.

Interests and purpose can increase your social connections and feelings of well being. (link to article) 

If you are physically independent it will be easier for you to meet people and be more social.  View our health and active topics do see how you can maintain your independence with good health.


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