Steps to creating your will

June 4, 2024
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Wills are not regulated therefore you should ensure that it is legal. The simpler your estate/assets the less professional help you may need, this should help you decide whether or not you pay for advice. If you have more complex situation for example; if you are leaving money to a dependent who is under 18, have foreign property or you have been divorced then getting advice is recommended.

Before you start to write you will there are a number of considerations;
  1. Discuss with your partner about your wishes, make sure you are honest with each other, this should not just be about assets but also guardianship of your children.
  2. Choose your executors (the people who will look after probate and distribute your assets when you are gone). Not only do you need to be able to trust this individuals you need them to be organised and technology savvy individuals. It can be a timely process dealing with probate, so consider leaving a financial reward for your executors. Finally make sure your executors have agreed and have copies of your will.
  3. Make sure your will has details about your digital store and what you want to with your digital legacy.
  4. How often you anticipate changing your will, will influence how you want it written, the younger you are the more likely you will change it a few times.
Where can you get a will written?
Make sure it is legal


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