Reasons people have not got a will yet?

June 4, 2024
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There are many reasons for getting a will is pretty compelling, but there are lots of reasons people don’t. What are these reasons and why are they not usually valid.

  1. “I do not have anything worth leaving anyone”.
    This could be the case, but even if you own nothing of financial importance you may have things that have sentimental things. Also if you have children a will is important to define your wishes if something happened to you and your partner.
  1. “I’m way too young”
    If you are over 18 and have any assets at all, a will will make any inheritance easy to manage. However usually a will should be created on purchasing a house, hanging children or getting married. 
  2. “It is too expensive”
    The price of wills has drastically decreased with new online entrants, but if you want something very cheap use a simple paper one ensuring your executors have copies or obtain one from free either through charities or online. (see resources)
  3. “I just haven’t got round to it”
    This is very common as life admin often takes a back seat, with online entrants though this has become easier and quicker with little to no physical paperwork. 
  4. “I don’t know where to go and do it”
    There are many options, all with varying complexity and prices view our steps to creating a will
  5. “If I get one I am tempting fate”
    This was a common response with older relatives, but hopefully this is now less common. The key to remember this is not for you but for your loved ones and making their lives easier.


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