How do you know how much your pension is worth?

June 4, 2024
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If you have been in lots of different jobs, you may have multiple pensions and also your state pension. The first thing is to locate all these pensions and get the latest statements. This may take some time if you have had many jobs and also if you moved house and not updated your pension provider.

1 in 5 people have never checked the value of their pension

Reference: 2022 Research from the Financial Services Compensation

Finding your pension

Look through old paper work first this should give you key details on your pension number and the scheme name. The majority if not all pensions are accessible online, if you can not remember the web address or you user account details contact your employer. If you can not locate them there is a Government service you can use to locate lost pensions.

To find out your state pension amount you can access it by going to the Government site.

Calculating the total

Once you have access to them, determine the type of pension they are; if defined contribution pension you will see a single pension pot size, if it is defined benefit you will see the amount you will receive per year.  

The pension pot size of a 'defined contribution' pension is based on the savings so far and it may increase as well decrease, dependent on how well your investments do.

The salary per year figure on your defined benefit is based on the money you have contributed so far as does not take into consideration if you start to contribute more or less.

Your state pension will show the amount expected if you reach the full 35 years of paying in your national insurance. If you have paid less than this then the total figure will be reduced.


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